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Art Therapy

Group Workshops

Art-as-therapy is an approach used in group work to foster overall emotional wellness and mental health. 

Each workshop is thoughtfully designed and customised to meet the needs of an organisation or group. 

Jolene has developed workshops and conducted guest lectures and programmes for polytechnic, university students, and adult learners. 

Chat with us for a consultation to discuss objectives and goals for your next team-bonding, retreat or wellness workshop.

Art Psychotherapy

Art Psychotherapy is a combination of art and psychology.


During each session, you will explore a range of art materials and make art. The emphasis is on the process, not the art product.


No prior art experience is required.


This creative process is facilitated in the presence of a trained Art Therapist to support you in making-meaning and gaining clarity.


Art Therapy is a highly effective and safe therapeutic intervention for self-expression,  emotional processing and discovering insights to one's root issues.

Group Workshops
Nature & Art workshops

Nature & Art Workshops

Being in nature has its own inherent healing. It helps to centre and ground one's busy mind and inner chatter. 

Engage with nature, land art and experience its beauty through mindfulness, walking and exploring your own creativity inspired by the natural surroundings.

In my professional experience, nature-based art therapy workshop was a modality that was introduced to individuals going through loss and grief which has garnered very positive and meaningful experiences.

Community Art Projects

Jolene has conceptualised, developed and conducted large-scale community art projects in areas of loss, and grief, and mental health.

Please click for more information.

Community Art Projects
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