• Jolene Shu Wen Chiang

5 Ways to Self-Care

We live in a network society. Communal living where roles were more rigid and knotted within geographical locations are no longer definite with technology. Most of us have busy lifestyles and remain constantly digitally connected.

How are you monitoring your energy levels? What is your input and output? Do you wait till you are burnt out before you give yourself some rest?

Each of us have the innate resources to rise up to challenges and obstacles. I hope we can set aside 15 minutes a day to help you pause, notice and be with yourself. May these simple ideas help you re-charge such that you feel self-empowered to own your emotions and choose how to respond to challenges.

Let’s start with 5 ways to utilise our senses to get in touch with ourselves again...


Essential oils are a good way to lift one’s mood almost instantaneously.

Keep a small bottle with you at all times. A few drops on your palm, with a few rubs will do the trick. Close your eyes and inhale.

If you do not have essential oils, that is perfectly fine too, just being in nature and waking up slightly early to smell the fresh morning air is good enough. Just notice what you smell with each inhalation as you notice each breath.


When you feel a negative or fear-based emotion rising, take time to acknowledge it and allow it to surface.

Once it has passed, look around you – observe the form, shape and texture of something that catches your eye. It could be a favourite colour, something aesthetically pleasing to you, Nature, a photo of a loved one that never fails to bring you joy.

I usually decide on a ‘colour of the day’. I have been feeling Yellow & Orange, a colour associated with sunshine and joy. When I feel low vibrations rising, I choose to focus my attention on the ‘colour of the day’.

It helps when you know what to look out for. Wake up every morning, be mindful to pick a colour that you like, which is also associated with a positive emotion for you.


Sound is vibration. Sound is energy. The type of sound will determine the nature of vibration – high or low.

Have you ever experienced sadness and felt compelled to play sad songs? The idea of resonance of feeling connected, a sense of belonging and understood helps one to not feel alone.

The sound of Nature, Solfeggio tunes, Chakra balancing music can bring one’s emotions to balance.


A trickle of honey and tea can help to calm nerves during times of stress or anxiety.

Tisane tea are great – it usually has no caffeine and has medicinal properties. What a wonderful gift from Mother Nature.

I am beginning to love blue pea tea. My friend introduced it to me and I’d like to share her variations which I have really enjoyed.

After brewing blue pea tea, try adding pandan leaves and chill overnight. Perfect refreshing drink.After brewing blue pea tea, squeeze a bit of lemon and watch it turn purple. Say, wow!


A hug from a place of love transcends all time and space and perceived barriers between the human race.

Big hugs from me to you, as you read this.

Love transcends