• Jolene Shu Wen Chiang

9th International Conference - Together Against Stigma 2019

Updated: Feb 2

I was honoured to be one of the presenters at the 9th International Conference - Together Against Stigma 2019.

It was a privilege for me to share about my experience conducting group art therapy workshops at a museum for adults living with mental health conditions.

I spoke about the way we approach community health, create therapy spaces in non-clinical settings, and how we can integrate social inclusion through art and museums for individuals living with mental health conditions.

As I advocated and championed for mental health practitioners and community development workers to practise and approach mental health by shifting the way we think about community spaces, I would like to use this space to express gratitude to the clients who opened their inner worlds to me through their art-making.

During the panel session, I met Choo Kah Ying, founder of A Mother's Wish, who posed a question about art and mental health. She was also one of the track speakers for the conference. We connected after the presentation and keep in touch till this day. Her inspirational story as a dedicated and loving mother to her son who lives with autism, as well as the desire to champion for the cause was one of the precious takeaways from the conference.

It is always about the people, and I am glad I had this beautiful opportunity to chart my career and vocation through sharing about what I am passionate about.

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