• Jolene Shu Wen Chiang

Healing Music for the Soul

Updated: Mar 16

If you are feeling stressed and anxious - here are some jewels I found and would like to share, hope you enjoy it!


I love the soft and echo beats from a steel hang drum. It helps to slow down my thoughts, breathing and increase focus too.


I love the sounds of rainstick. It sounds so ethereal and grounding at the same time. It reminds me of the sound of nature that I have missed out when I am so much in my headspace. Listening to the draping sounds of a rainstick reminds me, "what's the rush?" Just be with the present moment and allow yourself to flow and feel full. No chasing and hurrying, everything is the way it should be.


I love the sounds of a slight gong, the reverberation of a simple singing bowl, and the sounds of chimes in the background of this video. It helps me to be present, mindful, and awaken the inner knowing that removes ego for awhile (even if temporarily). I always like to believe there is a higher Source up there, and when I am engulfed in the limitations of my thoughts, listening to this reminds me to surrender, yield and trust.


Be enchanted by the sounds of the 'water' element Koshi wind chimes. Getting in touch with your emotional self, the part that creates, invigorates and imagines. Quieten the thoughts and slow down the 'monkey' mind, allow the fluid and enigmatic tones to strike a chord in your heart.

Happy Monday!