• Jolene Shu Wen Chiang

Ebb & Flow - The Way I Know It This Season

I have recently been thinking a lot more about creation, preservation and destruction. More specifically, destruction and how creation is borne from the former.

Source: Photo from Janus Counseling Center

There are days where a part of me dwells in peace, with preservation, knowing that such is the natural rhythm and world order.

Yet, there are times where I also face inertia and resistance. There are days where I’d very much take time out to regroup before I jump back onto the running track, metaphorically speaking.

Recently, I have started to re-frame what destruction means to me personally. I realise that with every destruction comes an opportunity for renewal.

It’s not always effortless. It does require hard work and gentle cajoling of the soul. This also means taking a step back and not being caught up with the emotions that destruction can bring with it. 

I remind myself of the following:

All that happens outside is a mirror of my inner world.

How is this state of destruction reflecting the current season of my life?

What am I afraid of letting go?

What do I desire to create for myself during this period of release which creates space for opportunities?

Destruction comes with a sense of grief and loss.

Loss of control. Loss of direction. Loss of stability.

What is its polar opposite?

What’s the harmony and balancing energy to this loss?

Perhaps, no more striving, allowing things to be, being in the flow, and yielding.

What were some of your most memorable moments of creation, preservation and destruction? What is the common pattern you experienced in destruction? Did your seasons of creation come about as a result from destruction?