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As an accredited Art Psychotherapist, Jolene Chiang specialises in the areas of loss, grief, trauma and mental health. She works in both community and hospital settings. 

Her clinical practice is psychodynamic-oriented and attachment-based - most importantly, it is centred around ethical and compassionate care for each client's unique needs.

She provides grief counselling and art therapy that are evidence-based and experiential to support the healing of individuals experiencing grief and loss, as well as mental health struggles.

Grief Counselling & Art Therapy in Singapore | Jolene Chiang
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Art Psychotherapy is a combination of art and psychology.


During each session, you will explore a range of art materials and make art to express yourself. 


No prior art experience is required. This creative process is facilitated in the presence of a trained Art Therapist to support you in making-meaning and gaining clarity.


Art Therapy is a highly effective and safe therapeutic intervention for self-expression,  emotional processing and discovering insights to one's root issues.

Grief is a natural response to the profound impact of loss on our lives. These losses can be sudden, ambiguous, unexpected, or anticipated. Each loss is unique, just like how each relationship is unique.

The type of loss - who you lost, how you lost, and when you lost are all important facets to the grieving experience. 

Offering compassionate care with an attuned sensitivity, we will process your unique grieving experience, acknowledge its personal expression (in all its forms...) and gradually make-meaning that can emerge from the wake of physical absence.

Jolene has conceptualised, developed and conducted large-scale community art projects in areas of loss, and grief, and mental health.

Art-as-therapy is an approach used in group settings to foster overall emotional wellness and mental health. 

Each workshop/community project is thoughtfully designed and customised to meet the needs of an organisation or group. 

Chat with us for a consultation to discuss tailored objectives and goals for your next team-bonding, retreat or wellness workshop.

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