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Witnessing through Art Therapy was a community art exhibition held at Plaza Singapura in September 2021.


Inspired by the voices of bereaved that emerged in her clinical work, the themes: honour • remember • connect informed the design of an art remembrance ball as a symbolic artwork to remember the loved ones we lost.

How does grief look like? How does grief sound like?


The exhibition highlights stories on human love and loss, as well as the voices of bereaved and helping professionals. ​​

What does 望 (wàng) bring to mind for you?

望(wàng) could mean to observe or gaze into the distance. In this exhibition curated and conceptualised by Jolene, we are invited to explore artworks from a self-taught artist and bereaved client's perspective.

From 绝望(jué wàng) to 希望(xī wàng) – despair to hope; 失望(shī wàng) to 愿望(yuàn wàng) – disappointment to wish, his artworks deeply reflect his personal journey in loss, grief and hope.

The three female characters in The Studios 2022: Berak express their individual forms of grief in immensely different yet familiar ways.


This panel discussion probes at the topic of grief with the artists of Berak and Poop!, Aidli Mosbit and Chong Tze Chien, alongside art psychotherapist, Jolene Chiang.


The discussion dives into how the expressions of grief are performed and represented on stage, and the considerations necessary in its artistic treatment to reveal parallels, similarities and divergences in fiction and reality.

Breakout Session B1 – Spectrum Of Interventions:

The Memory Box Project: A Closer Look at Group Art Therapy & Experiential Approaches to Meaning-Making & Restoration for Bereaved Persons

Breakout Session C2 – Grief And Death Literacy:

Tapestries of Grief: Rallying for a Compassionate Community & Re-Imagination of Future Possibilities